Hey, Ya’ll!

by Hope Lanier

Have you ever played the “what if” game? You know, asking yourself “what if” I could go anywhere, do anything, or meet anyone. “What if” I could choose any way in the world to dedicate my time and talents? “What if” God challenged me to step back and consider how to balance my life to better incorporate His plans?

In the past few weeks, I have gotten the distinct feeling that I might be missing the boat on some opportunities to open important new doors in my life. I began considering “what if” I started really looking out for one of those instances of clarity that we so often drown out with the distractions of life. When I did, I found myself face-to-face with a “burning bush” moment of sorts, clearly and directly challenged to re-think my “calling” and find a way to live it in an everyday way. 

Let me stop to introduce myself. My name is Hope Lanier. I am 39 years old, single, and have lived in Columbia for just over two years now. Professionally speaking, I am a political consultant, representing a variety of clients before the South Carolina General Assembly. 

Even as I write to you through this Family Life Blog, my immediate family doesn’t look much like I thought it would at this stage of my life. While I have the support of two wonderful parents, whom I am fortunate to talk with regularly, they have been likewise blessed with two very sweet, furry “grand-dogs.” Hadley is my beautiful and headstrong Scottish Terrier and Gracie is my sassy white Westie that was rescued after eight years–and fourteen litters–as a breeder dog in a puppy mill. 

To the extent that good friends become the family you pick–and I truly believe they do–I have an incredible and extensive network of “family” that literally spans this country and reaches around the world. From the Carolinas to California and Washington, DC to Africa, I have been so fortunate to discover such deep, amazing, supportive and time-tested friendships with people I admire and respect.  Continue reading